jueves, agosto 28, 2008

Esto es bloguear en Irak

(Ya sé que lo escribí hace dos días, pero me daba cosa dejarlo por ahí abajo)

Tomo prestada esta cita de Marshmallow, una bloguera iraquí a la que leo de cuando en cuando. No había leído este post, fijándome en otros que describen los preparativos de su boda.

May 19, 2008

Do you remember my post about the IQ test? Amongst the comments I got there was a commenter named Blog Iraq who scored 146! As a result, I added his blog to mine and named him (genius)...any way I kept checking his blog every now and then but found no new articles! coincidentally I was reading neurotic Iraqi wife's blog today and my eyes were sticked at the shocking news, she mentioned that BlogIraq is dead!! Oh my God :(

With no hesitation I visited his blog and found this shockingly article about him...
Gosh! I can't believe that he was almost done with his papers and ready to leave, why did that happen?? Why his voice is shut forever?
These news really affected me and I am in deep sadness...
All I can say is that may God rest his soul in peace :(

Merece la pena visitarlo, aunque le hayamos conocido tarde.


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