viernes, junio 26, 2009

Please listen to Troy Davis

Chatham County, Georgia District Attorney Mr. Larry Chisolm
Phone: (912) 652-7308
Fax: (912) 652-7328 &(912) 447-5396

Dear Mr. Chisolm,

I’m writing you from Spain in the name of Troy Davis, georgian inmate due to ask for a parole today june 25.

Despite the fact that seven out of the nine witnesses in Troy’s case have recanted their testimony, and nine people have signed affidavits implicating another man in the murder of Mark MacPhail, no court has agreed to hear from the witnesses to evaluate their testimony. Chisolm can re-open the case and change all that. He ran last November on a platform of accountability and fairness. Let’s remind him that accountability and fairness start with his actions in Troy’s case.

You either he can reopen Troy’s case and let his evidence of innocence be heard, or he can perpetuate an injustice and seek another death warrant for Troy. I, and many other activists, are watching to see you make a difference and will tell the world what Democracy means.

Best regards
Small Blue Thing

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