miércoles, febrero 03, 2010

Bright Star

Yo sólo veo la vida en la certeza de tu amor. Convénceme de él, dulce amor mío. Si no me convences de alguna manera, moriré de angustia. Debes ser mía para morir en el tormento, si yo lo deseo [..]. El que yo v uelva a estar sano no tendrá valor alguno si cuando esté ya bien no has de ser enteramente mía. Por el amor de Dios, sálvame, o dime que la naturaleza de mi pasión es demasiado terrible para ti.
John Keats, 1820

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sara dijo...


It's pretty amazing to love!

Love love itself <3

Small Blue Thing dijo...

Did you? I just can't remember if it's been released here yet. And I should have noticed, as I'm a big fan of his poetry.

The quotation above the video is a paragraph from a letter of John _then seriously sick to Fanny. The translation here is mine from spanish version, so please John Keats, forgive me:

I only see the life in the certainity of your love. Convince me of it, my sweet love. If you don't convince me in some way, I'll die in anguish. You must be mine to die in torment if I desire it [...]. Me being healthy again won't be of any worth if when I am well you won't be entirely of my own.

And if anyone feels uncomfortable for the selfish phrase here, please keep reading:

For God's sake, save me, or tell me that the nature of my passion is too terrible for you.

John Keats, 1820.

sara dijo...



No words can express the beauty of those very words, feelings, emotions......

Thank you for the translation and THANK YOU for being the warm person that you are <3

Love you my sanfoora <3


sara dijo...

And oh, I watched it on the plane, on my way to Canada :D